Project List
Memorial Floating Flag Unit

We present the colors in a horizontal manor as a sign of our respect for those who gave their lives so that this Nation might live. It is a 20’ by 38’ American Flag and the team is trained to do the National Flag Folding Ceremony.   

Annual Sweetheart Dinner

This dinner is done to say thank you to our Ladies for the support they give to the Lodge throughout the year with our Covered Dish Dinners and the work they do for the community in our name.

Bi-Annual Brother Bring A Friend Night

We hold a Bring A Friend Night in March and again in September. The goal is not to recruit by rather to educate. To teach the Non-Mason what Masonry is, does and can do for them. If we gain new members from this program we are satisfied that

Annual Oktoberfest


And Our Annual Christmas / Holiday Party

This annual Celebration of the different Holidays that take place in December is held annually. The location and time will be announced at a later date.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

A lot of pride, and a sense of belonging to an organization that exists all over the world. Being part of a great heritage. Sharing an identity with the greatest men of the past -- and of today!
Sharing a special bond with men from all walks of life -- creating life-long friendships with them. Just being a member of an organization that believes in toleration -- that lets each man think for himself and express his own opinions, without worrying about being wrong.

You will get a lot more out of Masonry than you will ever put into it!
Friendship Lodge No. 53 F. & A.M.

Fellowship, Florida